Sunday, 1 April 2012

Book Cover UK vs. US - Out of Sight, Out of Time

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Out of Sight, Out of Time
By Ally Carter

I've been a big fan of the gallagher academy book series for a long time. I'm really excited that the 5th book has been released which definitely came as a pleasant surprise to me.

Since reading this book series the book cover for the UK and US has always been different, as I live in the UK I like comparing them and choosing which I prefer.

I have to say both covers are gorgeous but the UK cover is the one for me. I can assure you it's not a biased decision. The UK cover seems more fresh and light with neutral colours and has bold title lettering which really catches your eye, while the US cover has dark colours which doesn't really stand out but  definitely has some high points like the style of lettering.

Winner: UK Cover

I would love to know which cover you prefer, just leave a comment!

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