Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Top Ten Tuesday {Auto-Buy Authors}

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There are actually quite a few authors that I've had on my auto-buy list forever and they never fail to impress each and every time. A few of the authors have newly joined this list recently so I'm excited to see whether their awesomeness will still be present in their other books in the future.

1. Richelle Mead - I can't think of a single book that I've read by Richelle Mead that has disappointed me. Every time I read something written by her, it always manages to be epic and love-able on so many levels. Basically, most her books are pretty kickass!

2. Hannah Harrington - This author is a much more recent addition to the list. I've read the books that she has published so far, Speechless and Saving June, and both of them touched me deeply and carried a beautiful message. I'd love to read anything else written by Hannah Harrington and I'm expecting great things.

3. Laurie Halse Anderson - I'm making my judgement based on Speak and Catalyst by the author. There is something incredibly beautiful and engaging about Anderson's writing, it comes through strong and original, it hooks me from the beginning till the end.

4. John Green - I think John Green usually writes something that is thoughtful and deep. I loved reading everything written by him so far and they have always been such great reads.

5. Cat Patrick - I have to say that Cat Patrick manages to pull quite a few heart strings whenever I read a book by her. They always become something very very special at the end, it then leaves me thinking about it even weeks after. I am looking forward to her new releases that are coming out soon. I'll probably run to the store to buy.

6. Lauren Oliver - Every book I've read written by Lauren Oliver so far has been ever so beautiful and captivating. I think Oliver's writing just flows well and her characters are probably some of my favourites.

7. Kody Keplinger - I just think all of Kody Keplinger books are such awesome reads, they are just something that you can read in one sitting, they can make you smile and always highlight real life issues. They usually have this feeling of empowerment throughout.

8. Cynthia Hand - I've only read the Unearthly series but they've been amazing to so many extents so I'm definitely going to be reading anything else Cynthia Hand writes.

9. Ally Carter - Her books are fun and fast reads that are truly enjoyable. They are always so worth the read.

10. Sarah Dessen - This author manages to give me cute, fun, awesome, relate-able and fab books most of the time.

Are any of these authors on your auto-buy list?
Which authors are on yours?


  1. So much love for Lauren Oliver I'm seeing. And I love that woman too! Too bad I didn't have any room in my top ten for and further it's too bad I didn't have honourable mentions, but I forgot.

    Check out my TTT.

  2. Ooo - some new authors that I need to check out! Thanks! And, thanks for stopping by my TTT


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