Friday, 13 July 2012

Fairy Metal Thunder Read Along & Scavenger Hunt: Week Two

It's week two of Fairy Metal Thunder Read Along & Scavenger Hunt! The Read Along is hosted by Missie from The Unread Reader, Kelly from Reading The Paranormal, Tina from Tina's Book Review and Jen from In The Closet With a Bibliophile.

1. Unfairly grounded by his parents, Jason decides to lie to them so he can go to the audition in Minneapolis. Unfortunately, not only does the audition end poorly but his parents discover his lie and things go downhill from there. Tell us the most outrageous lie you've ever been caught in. Bonus points if you can provide pictorial proof. Reenactments eagerly accepted.

LYING IS BAD! But I've done it quite a lot so it means I'm a VERY BAD PERSON! LOL! I've told countless lies which are normally the small tiny kind so nothing major. THE BIGGEST LIE I've ever told has to be when I pulled out some of my mum's flowers accidently mistaking them for weeds, my mum was all dramatic as she's a major drama queen and a super religious gardener. I lied and said I thought I saw someone come into the garden. My mum actually went to extremes thinking someone had  had wanted to break into the house! TO THIS DAY I STILL FEEL GUILTY!

2. In Faerie, Aoide is summoned to see the Faerie Queen. Have you ever met someone important like the Faerie Queen? Someone famous? Tell us the story behind how it happened. Once again, pictures are a plus!

I sort of met Prince Charles a few years back, his royalty so it must count as someone famous, he stood in front of me and waved, I don't think that counts as meeting him. I managed to see him because he was attending a music hall next to my school so he thought to stop by and say hi. It was specifically the music hall shown below!

I have met someone sort of famous who is probably only popular with teens in the UK, I'm just assuming. His a rapper called 'Ironik', I'm actually not a fan and I don't really listen to his music but I managed to get his autograph, I know I'm a lame. I met him at an event which was held to tell young people about STDs, embarrassing much? He actually has a song with Jessica Lowndes who you might know as Adriana from 90210!

3. Caught lying to his father about his non-existent job at the car wash, Jason has now found gainful employment at Buddy McSlawburger's - where he's forced to wear "the funny hat" as part of his uniform. What's the worst job you've ever had? Did it involve a particularly noxious uniform? Tell us about it - in riveting, full-color detail!

I've NEVER had to wear a horrendous uniform, wait wait, does school uniform count? Well imagine a bright red uniform, wherever you went as a school you'd stick out like a sore thumb! You'd have normal people out on the street and then be overwhelming by WAVE of blood red!

4. In an effort to regain their stolen instruments, Aoide and Rhodia travel to the sugar swamp to hire a hunter. Wouldn't you love to live somewhere where the water is sweet and the grass is made of sugar cane? Show us a picture of you enjoying your favorite sweet treat. Or, rewrite history and tell us how your version of the sugar swamp would differ from the one in the book

I'm sorry I finished the chocolate muffin before I could take a picture of it. Ooops! It was a McDonalds chocolate muffin!

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  1. Oh your poor mom. My dad is like that over his garden too. I always used to eat the veggies out of the garden and I'd pick his flowers to decorate my room. He wasn't too happy about that.

  2. haha My mom is crazy about her garden too even though all the plants are ugly and die all the time. I would probably have lied and said someone else messed up the plants too! It's always cool to see a celebrity even if you don't get a chance to talk to them. I never had to wear a school uniform but in middle school we were only allowed to wear blue, white, and grey. Adriana from 90210 is cool! I like her.
    My Answers

  3. Prince Charles totally counts. I'd like to meet Prince Harry. Which I think would make me a cougar, but oh well. LOL!

    Chocolate muffins are yum, but I always think they're more like cupcakes because they're so dang sweet. Still, I love them. :)


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