Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Books To Read [August]

Did July not just fly by? Summer break always manages to slip away so very quickly! I hope I can get lots of reading done in August before I am bombarded with my studies in September. Also, this month I have my driving theory test and I have a lot of preparing to do for that (I am procrastinating like a pro and trying to avoid picking up the revision book, help!)

Onto the main part of this post, here are a few of the books I plan to read this August. Hopefully I will successfully get through some of these. 

Books For Review

Books I Would Like To Read

If I can get through at least three of the books above in August, I will be super happy!

What books are you hoping to read this August? Any new releases this month that you can't wait to read? Anyone else's summer break going by too fast?

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