Friday, 15 March 2013

Divergent Casting News: Four + Jeanine

Twitter exploded with the news about the casting of Four from the Divergent books. If you haven't read the series by Veronica Roth, head out and get a copy so you can join in the fangirling that takes place when casting news is made.
Introducing the actor that will play Four...
Theo James!
My intial reaction was:
Who is this Theo James?
This is when google search comes in handy, specifically google images. I spent about 5 minutes staring at his pictures. Theo James was definitely not how I imagined Four but I couldn't deny his rough edged hotness. The next place I explored was Theo James IMDb. I wasn't familiar with many of his acting credits except 'Downtown Abbey'. Then, I came to a point I had to just express my feelings in a post.
So here I am.
I have to say I can see Theo James as Four, he is NOTHING like in my head but the Four in my head is very much perfection so I don't think that was possible. I can't judge the actor just yet because I haven't seen him in role and usually I wait until the trailers and character posters before I make my mind up about the actor.
More Divergent casting news:
I'm doing fist pumps in the air right now. That is all for now.
What are your thoughts?
Did you have another actor in mind?
Have you seen Theo James in other roles?

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